lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Petliovden ("Día del Pollo")

The ritual, called Petliovden or “the day of the rooster”, is performed only by women who have sons. According to legend, this is a remnant from the time when the Ottoman Empire collected
“blood tax” from Christians (up until 1705). The strongest boy in each house was taken from his parents and sent to the Janissary Corps. The Bulgarians, always ones to find a way around the rules, found a way of avoiding this. They would slaughter a rooster, spill its blood on their doorstep and tell the taxman that their son had died. According to others, Petliovden marks the murder of Jewish boys on the orders of Herod.
Whatever the origin of Petliovden, 2 February is a holiday for men in Bulgaria –and in more recent times it has been appropriated by the gay community.
He extraído este texto de una revista digital llamada Vagabond. La foto la he tomado yo mismo de un relieve en Burgás que celebra la amistad entre los búlgaros y los soldados rusos que contribuyeron a su Independencia.
Por una Bulgaria sin tabúes. Chestit petliovden na vsichki momcheta! Feliz Petliovden a todos!

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Juan Carlos dijo...

No fui yo el del rumor, pero al final, ya veo, era verdad.

Bernier dijo...

Hartoajos ;-)

F. dijo...

en córdoba el día del pollo es otra cosa.